Natural Selection 2 – Build 234 auf Steam veröffentlicht

Unknown Worlds veröffentlichte jetzt das siebte Update für Natural Selection 2. Neben vielen Änderungen für den Editor und Bug-Fixes, gibt es auch Verbesserungen im Balancing und noch kleine Gimmicks passend zur Jahreszeit.

Eine Liste der Änderungen findet ihr unter dem folgenden Trailer (Leider nur in Englisch).


  • Improved Favorites functionality in the server browser. Favorites are now displayed at the top of the list by default and will refresh much faster.
  • Snowballs.


  • New graphics option for particle quality – if you experience low frame rate during combat-heavy scenarios, keep this at LOW (the default).
  • Changed .polygons files for particle materials to only be loaded once.
  • Streamlined access of the material polygons for particle systems.


  • Diabled IP and JP knockback until a better method of applying those has been implemented.
  • Moved the spectator follow camera closer to the followed player.


  • Added time out to Stomp per Marine, to prevent animations going crazy and Onos being able to disable a Marine permanently when next to a shift.
  • Easier application of Fade vortex.


  • Added prop_dynamic_animator entity used to affect animation state on dynamic props based off messages received from other entities.
  • Increased the size of the handles on the resize gizmo to make it more clear they are handles.
  • Added the ability to select between global space and local space for the move and rotate tools.
  • Vertex Welding should be much faster now. Only triangulating affected faces.
  • Added Button Emitter entity to the Editor. This can be setup to emit messages into the world to start a sound effect for example.
  • Huge re-factoring of mesh datastructures – should eliminate a lot of bugs related to crashes/freezes with deleting, welding, etc.
  • Props with no model will now show up as red boxes.
  • Fixed undo bug with extrusion. Added selection stats on top right of viewport. Added preliminary „check mesh“ tool to help trouble shoot levels.
  • Fixed low speed when camera accel is on.
  • Added shift/alt modifiers for camera speed (works both in accel/normal modes); Fixed subtle undo-bug with weld/merge-face.


  • Fixed bug causing the follow camera to not follow players anymore if an Infantry Portal or Egg was destroyed right before the spectating player was going to spawn.
  • Added Recycle icon for recycle kill messages.
  • Fixed bug where mods would sometimes appear with no name in the mod list.
  • Fixed „PhysX: Particle data read not allowed while simulation is running“ bug when multi-core rendering was disabled.
  • Fixed bug preventing some structures from displaying the hurt effects (smoke, fire, etc)
  • Fixed bug where armor / weapon upgrade in Marine HUD is displayed red at the beginning of a round.
  • Units behind closed doors wont get revealed on the minimap anymore.
  • Fixed cysts not getting uncloaked by observatories.
  • Fixed umbra ability not affected by silence upgrade.
  • Shifts show now the correct echo radius for Alien Commander.
  • Fixed bone wall being visible to Marine Commander without LOS.
  • Fixed UI blood effect covering health / energy display at Alien HUD.
  • Fixed bug where Alien Commander did not properly unlock abilities for himself.
  • Fixed bug where clogs would not fall down anymore when they previously detached from another clog.
  • Whip Bombard will no longer damage their owner (Alien Commander)
  • Fixed bug where blink continued and was showing the trail effect when the Fade was already dead.
  • Fixed recycling ARC Robotics Factory giving back 0 res (uses now the amount of robotic factory + upgrade cost)
  • Fixed bug where structures were allowed to perform actions which would be allowed only under specific circumstances (like building ARCs at unupgraded robotics factories)
  • Fixed Client error caused by the Flamethrower shoot sound effect.
  • Fixed bug causing loss of resources while spamming build MAC commands at the Robotics Factory.
  • Fixed exploit allowing a cloaked Alien to run at full speed if they were holding down the jump button.
  • Special characters such as new line no longer allowed in player names.
  • Fixed Builder always starting up in verbose mode.
  • Crash when playing an invalid sound effect.
  • Changed fog to default to off.
  • Fixed bug where mods could not be installed if the operating system’s temporary directory contained UNICODE characters.


  • Added the ability to specify which object „zones“ are rendered in a particular stage of the pipeline with the zones_mask parameter.
  • Added Shared.ReportStatistics function.
  • Added compatibility mechanism for handling changes to the SDK.

Quelle: Unknown Worlds

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